Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

Hypnosis is a state of concentration and focused attention that allow clients to use their own mind and imagination in a much more powerful way.

It uses clients’ imagination and thoughts to stir feelings and alter clients’ behaviours and attitudes.

In a sense, when clients change how they think, visualize and imagine things to be, their feelings and behaviour will begin to change.

Modern Psychology recognizes imagery and visualization as among the most powerful tools in cognitive psychology.

These techniques help clients to open their mind’s eye by creating and achieving goals, optimizing health, identifying subconscious road blocks, and developing intuition.

Guided imagery is used to focus the mind, induce relaxation and shift attention away from the external environment.

It can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and sleep better. Therapists usually start with instructions for deeper breathing and relaxation. Then, clients develop a story that unfolds peaceful imagery, such as a special place to go to that is beautiful, safe and relaxing. This might be a natural setting like a beach, a forest, or a mountain meadow that invites attention to the senses; the sights, sounds, smells and touch sensations are embodied.

The purpose of this technique is to create in the mind a multi-sensory image of the special place. Once clients are fully relaxed, breathing slowly and mentally occupied with a vivid peaceful image, they are ready to do some inner work.

This might be to create images of the immune system doing its job of cleaning up health problems. It might involve working through emotional issues or gathering emotional resources. It might just suggest that the next step is a restful sleep (Corydon Hammond; Lee Pulos).

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